Headache, Fever, Nausea And Body Aches?

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Good afternoon, from Sunday my head is dizzy, hot body, stomach nausea, leg aches to stand up like not strong for a long time, my arms and body ache u0026sup2; all. I have had my fever checked but the rest is still the same

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Hello Pipit,

Thank you for the question.

Headache, headaches, stomach aches, and aches are indeed uncomfortable things to feel, and are often a common complaint for a person when he is suffering from an illness. You also need to explain the pattern of fever and how high the fever you feel. There are several things that can cause these complaints, such as:

Dengue fever

Typhus or typhoid fever
Somatoform disorders

You can consult a doctor so that the doctor can ask your complaints further, conduct a physical examination to assess abnormalities that exist in your body at this time, and conduct investigations if needed such as blood checks in the laboratory to rule out the cause of infection, such as seeing platelet levels to get rid of dengue fever, and check the Widal titer or tubex-tf to get rid of typhoid fever. Furthermore, the doctor will provide treatment according to the disease you have.

Here are things you can do at home to reduce complaints:

Rest for a while.
Inadequate nutritional needs and drink 2-3L a day. Fever can occur due to dehydration.
Manage stress well.
Take pain relievers and fever-lowering drugs such as paracetamol.
Avoid the habit of standing for too long, or by walking around and changing to a sitting position every time.
Avoid foods that are acidic, spicy, and contain a lot of gas.
Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.

Hopefully useful :) Hopefully get well soon.


dr. Talitha

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