Headache For 2 Weeks?

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Hello, I’m a 16 year old male.rnSo for the past 2 weeks I almost every day (for 2 weeks about 2 3 days without pain) I have a headache on the left side, my headache started when I often play games on my laptop.rnHeadache What I feel is also sometimes very painful, sometimes it’s just painful and the usual time is in the morning at school (8-12) usually in the afternoon and evening.rnWhat do you think the doctor should do? Should I visit the nearest doctor immediately?rnThank you for the answer.

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Dear Juandi,

There are many things that can underlie a person experiencing headaches. Headache is one of the basic complaints that can accompany many diseases as one of the symptoms. Headaches can be a separate disease without a clear cause, or as part of the symptoms of certain diseases. Some conditions that can cause headaches include:

tension type headache is a headache caused by tension in the head muscles, where this type of headache is the most common and can be felt in conditions of physical exhaustion, infection, and psychological stress. Other hormonal conditions affecting tumor headaches are headaches because there is a tumor in the brain, so headaches are often accompanied by neurological symptoms such as vomiting, paralysis, and balance disorders. First aid for headaches is usually pain medication such as paracetamol according to the instructions for use. Playing games or electronic devices for too long also causes headaches, so it's best to temporarily stop playing electronic devices such as cell phones, laptops, computers, televisions and so on. As for if the condition does not improve, do not hesitate to check with a doctor. Here we attach an article about persistent headaches. Hope it is useful.

dr. N. K. Arief

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