Headache From Forehead To Shoulder If Exposed To Cold For Too Long?

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Illustration: Headache From Forehead To Shoulder If Exposed To Cold For Too Long? health.harvard.edu

I am 29 years old, actually I have felt this for a long time, initially if I have been exposed to ac for too long my head is migrand. now r n If the air is cold / humid smells a certain smell (fragrant oil, pollen flowers) the left nose hurts then the left side migrand from the forehead The left forehead is back and the shoulder is tense (sore) most often between 8-10 pg. Why is that ?? Is it a normal headache or sinus …

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Migraine headaches have characteristic headaches. Migraine symptoms occur in stages consisting of prodrome, aura, migraine attack and postdromal symptoms. Not everyone experiences these stages. Prodromal migraine symptoms can occur 1-2 days before a migraine attack. The following are prodrome symptoms that can occur:

constipation mood changes desire to eat certain foods stiff neck and thirst continue to urinate constantly fatigue and often evaporate The prodromal symptoms can continue to be an aura symptoms. Aura are symptoms of neurological disorders that occur before or during a migraine attack. A migraine aura can be:

visual impairment (seeing flashes of light, zigzagging light, floaters) loss of vision while feeling tingling in the hands or feet smell certain odors feel certain tastes on the tongue hear noise or songs in the ears weakness or numbness on the face or body etc. Symptoms of a migraine attack include:

Pain on one side or both sides of the head Pain feels throbbing Increased pain when exposed to bright light, sound, or touch Nausea vomiting Blurred vision Dizziness until fainting After completion of a migraine attack, a person can experience postdromal symptoms such as excessive fatigue, can be accompanied by mood disorders , dizziness, weakness, sensitivity to sound and light, confusion, etc. Migraine itself can be triggered by certain things such as hormonal changes, certain foods or drinks, stress, weather changes, strong sensory stimuli (including also strong odors), etc.

If you don't experience the symptoms mentioned above, then your headache may be caused by something else. The causes of headaches can vary, for example:

headaches tension headaches, cluster headaches, dehydration, anemia, hypoglycemia, side effects of drugs for brain disorders (bleeding, tumors, infections, brain aneurysms, etc.) psychological disorders, etc.Infections in other areas of the head also often cause headaches, such as sinusitis, dental infections ear infections etc.

To get the exact cause of your headaches, you should check with your doctor or a neurologist directly. The doctor will ask in more detail the symptoms that you feel, do a physical examination and neurological examination, and carry out investigations if necessary.

Some things you can do right now:

Pay more attention to your headaches, especially things that can trigger your headaches and avoid these triggers. More sleep and rest Avoid excessive stress Get enough to eat and drink enough every day Regular exercise Take pain medications such as paracetamol when headaches come

Here are articles you can read about migraine and sinusitis

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