Headache In One Side Accompanied By Tired Eyes That Never Heal?

Migraines for 5 consecutive days and tired eyes

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Hello Anisa, Thank you for the question.

Migraine is a throbbing headache that is generally felt in one side of the head. The level of severity felt by sufferers also varies. These complaints are generally exacerbated by exposure to sound and light. and may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting. There are several types of migraines, namely:

migraine without aura, headache complaints are not accompanied by precursor symptoms (aura) migraine with aura, headache complaints are preceded by symptoms such as visual disturbances (seeing flashes of light), tingling sensation. neck feels stiff migraine aura without headache. To diagnose migraine, usually no other investigations are needed. The doctor only needs to ask about your complaint and perform a physical examination on you. Please try taking paracetamol if you experience headaches. If a migraine attack appears, feel free to stop all your activities and lie down in a dark and quiet place. If complaints really bother you, please consult your doctor directly so that the doctor can examine you first and determine the next treatment.

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Dr. Aloisia

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