Headache Is 3 Weeks And The Body Is Shaking?

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Morning, I have had a headache 3 weeks ago, the pain is like bearing a heavy burden, but only on the right, sometimes the pain reaches behind the right eye and the right ear also buzzing. In addition, my legs are often tingling and feel warm from the bottom of the chest to the knees. And last night my left hand also trembled and felt limp, and now it feels warm too, like under my chest up to my knees, why is that? I was afraid, until my heartbeat beat fast and hard so that the whole body was shaking too

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Hello Theo

Headaches can be caused due to various causes. From the circumstances that you experience, headaches accompanied by a body that feels hot and palpitations may be caused by a hyperthyroidism.

Hyperthyroidism is a condition where an increase in thyroid hormone levels. Thyroid hormone itself plays a role in regulating the body's metabolism. Increased thyroid hormone can cause symptoms such as palpitations, weakness, weight loss, burning and excessive sweating, nausea, and can be accompanied by headaches. The cause of hyperthyroidism can be due to autoimmune, inflammation of the thyroid, or due to side effects of certain drugs. Hyperthyroidism requires therapy using certain drugs to control thyroid levels.

But other than that the situation that you experience can also be caused by other causes such as:

migraine headaches tense type of middle ear infection side effects of alcohol consumption or certain medications anxiety disorders Therefore, if your condition has been going on for 3 weeks, then it is recommended that you see yourself directly to the doctor, so that the specialist in internal medicine can check your condition further, and provide appropriate therapy. avoid taking any medicine. get enough rest, and it's important not to smoke and avoid alcohol consumption.

The following article you can read about the propertyroid

may be useful. thank you

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