Headache On The Back And Left Neck?

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, I often experience headaches and back of the neck, even spread to the left chest until translucent to the back and up to the waist on the left side also hurts … so that’s why?

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Hello Satria, thank you for your question on HealthReplies.com

Based on your complaint, it cannot refer to one of the definitive diagnoses. It is necessary to do a physical examination and support to determine the diagnosis.

But I will try to explain some of the possible causes, headaches or in medical language also called migraine. That is a headache due to dilation of blood vessels in the head that can be triggered by stress and food, including chocolate, MSG, milk and cheese. Headache can spread to the back of the neck and can also be accompanied by headache when looking at the light.

Left-sided chest pain can be caused due to two different things, namely the heart and also the stomach. Chest pain caused by the heart is characterized by pain for about 15-30 minutes, spreading to the left arm and getting better during activity. Chest pain due to the heart can also be caused by food, thus causing cholesterol. As for chest pain due to the stomach, often experienced by young to old ages. Chest pain is in the left lower chest or left upper abdomen, can be accompanied by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and back pain due to tension from the esophageal muscles.

For low back pain, it can be caused by tense muscles or lack of water consumption so the kidneys work too heavily. Physical examination is needed to determine the disease. If it is caused by a muscle, it can be triggered because of the wrong sitting pattern and often lifting things.

As I have said, it is necessary to do further tests, therefore you can consult a doctor.

You can do a few tips, including:

1. Set your diet to be organized

2. Avoid eating foods that irritate the stomach, such as: coffee, noodles, spicy and sour

3. Avoid MSG, milk, cheese and chocolate

4. Exercise for at least 30 minutes.

5. Consumption of water at least 2 liters per day.

May be useful. Always healthy :)

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