Headache On The Back Right?

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, I just recently had a pretty excruciating headache. Not because of stress because there is a problem. My headaches initially hurt in the back in the evenings. then i go to sleep and wake up in the morning when i wake up my head hurts but the back is top right. there I feel pain and my head is quite heavy. Then I continued to sleep and when I woke up I still felt pain in my head with the same part. but i just feel a lot of pain and headache. Do I have a tension headache or what? until now it still hurts

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Hello Iqbal, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com

Iqbal's upper right back headache can be a migraine. Migraine is a type of throbbing headache that usually affects only one side of the head and gets worse with every movement. But in some cases, migraines can also affect both sides of the head simultaneously and radiate to the neck. The headaches are sometimes so severe that you can't move.

Migraines can be divided into several types, namely:

Migraine without aura, migraine headache without other signs or symptoms Migraine with aura, signs that initiate migraine headaches are called aura, in the form of problems with vision (flashes or blurry vision), stiffness in the neck and tingling in the limbs. Aura migraine without a headache, occurs when a person feels an aura or other migraine symptoms, but without the headache

However, the headaches that Iqbal experienced can also be caused by various other things, namely:

1. Headaches that are not related to other diseases, namely:

TTH Cluster headache

2. Headaches associated with other diseases, namely:

Head injuries Eye disorders, such as glaucoma, and refractive errors Infections, such as sinusitis, meningitis (inflammation of the lining of the brain), and infections of other head organs Bleeding or blockage of the blood vessels of the brain Brain tumors or cancer

Iqbal should not delay consulting a doctor so that an immediate examination and treatment can be carried out if necessary. The doctor will conduct an interview and a thorough physical examination, as well as blood tests on the laboratory, X-ray, CT-scan and MRI of the head if needed.

Things Iqbal can do for now include:

Avoid things that are suspected of triggering migraines Manage stress properly Adequate rest Adequate nutrition and daily fluids Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol Pain medication if needed (Paracetamol or Ibuprofen)

May be useful.


Dr. Christian Haryanto

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