Headache Radiating To The Eye?

Illustration of Headache Radiating To The Eye?
Illustration: Headache Radiating To The Eye? Bing

, the last 3 days my head hurts on the right side, the pain reaches my right eye too (sensitive to soundu0026 light too), neck feels stiff, I’ve been treating it with paracetamol 500mg for 2-3 days, 3x a day, but it hasn’t gone away yet the pain. This is since I woke up Wednesday morning, until 3 this Friday. I took the same dose of paracetamol, but 2 different drugs. in the morningu0026afternoon (before breakfastu0026lunch) I drink 75mg of caffeine, in the evening it is decaffeinated. I myself have a 20 year history of inherited hypertension. what is the treatment advice? I just recently had a headache for more than a day. thanks.

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One-sided headaches are often identified with migraines. Migraine is a series of recurrent headaches, usually on one side of the head, followed by visual, sensory, or motor symptoms. Migraine symptoms are divided into 4 stages, namely prodromal, aura, headache, and postdormal.


It is a symptom that usually appears 1-2 days before the headache appears. Symptoms vary from constipation, mood changes (depression to euphoria), stiff neck, thirst, frequent urination, and frequent yawning. Aura

Is a series of symptoms before the headache appears. Symptoms of aura can include visual disturbances, glare, muscle weakness or numbness, tingling, difficulty speaking, noisy hearing, and uncontrollable body movements. Not all migraine sufferers must always go through the aura phase. Headache attacks

The complaints are usually quite severe. If not treated this headache can be felt for days. Immediate treatment with headache relievers is expected to reduce complaints. Postdromal

Symptoms that appear after an attack, can last for 24 hours Symptoms include confusion, dizziness, weakness, and oversensitivity to light/sound. Although at first glance it looks like a migraine, in fact there are also several other conditions that can also cause similar complaints, namely:

Cluster headache or cluster headache, a very severe headache on one side of the head or around the eyes. Usually followed by complaints of tears and snot. Tension type headache or tension headache. Generally the pain is felt from the top of the head, shoulders, to the shoulders. Effects of eye refraction disorders Infections in the nose, sinuses, or respiratory tract Brain tumors Check your headache complaints directly to the doctor to find out the possible cause. The best treatment will be adjusted according to the cause found.

Some tips for dealing with headaches:

When a headache occurs, stay calm and don't panic. If you are in a crowd and the temperature is hot, move to a quieter place with the air conditioner on. Free the neck area from disturbing things, for example, unbutton your top shirt or tie. You should turn off the room lights to make it more comfortable. Stop smoking. Avoid excessive caffeine consumption Avoid staying up late Stress management well Hopefully useful

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