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when I was a child 12-13 years old when I walked I felt suddenly my skull felt cracked but about 2 the pain went away please what symptom is this

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Such a severe headache should not be taken lightly. When the complaint appears, try to rest for a while in a comfortable room if you need to close your eyes. If it is better to drink water or tea water and it is advisable to consult a doctor to find out the cause. If you have an unbearable headache, you can go straight to the ER for immediate treatment.

Headaches have various causes. After the initial treatment as stated above, of course, the next step is to overcome the cause of the headache. For this reason, the following conditions are introduced that cause headaches:

Tension type headache or tension headache, the pain is usually from the neck to the shoulders

Cluster headaches, severe headaches on one side of the head or around the eyes

Migraine or one-sided headache

· Effects of refractive errors of the eye

Infections in the nose, sinuses, or airways

· Brain tumor

The causes of headaches above can only be distinguished by direct examination by a doctor. Meanwhile, some other simple tips to deal with headaches:

· Calm down, avoid panic

· Rest in a comfortable place, if necessary there is air conditioning

If it's too disturbing, you should turn off the room lights

· Avoid smoking

Avoid excessive caffeine consumption

· Avoid staying up late

· Good stress management

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