Headache, Swollen Cheeks And Neck Aches After Taking Ear Wax?

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, on 11april, my ear was very sharp and on April 12, I checked my ENT address. My ears are matched and there is black lumpy dirt and 2 eggs are taken. Since that time, the skit didn’t hear, but it was less. On April 15, I was more skit and more like the first skit, finally I checked again. The liquid and color is rather black, finally it is equal to the texture. Want to match again there is a report that can only be asked but I don’t want to because the position is very skit. Finally, give the drops and get the maximum. Since then until now, it is not skit only once in a while, but the hearing is getting more disturbed and less until now. Like there’s water in the glass but can’t come out. Head so I skit, swollen up to cheeks and neck and pegel if held. Control date April 22, do I have to wait or check on other employees? Do you have to suck up or clean up and get the report again or what ?? I really hope for an answer, beforehand thank you so much ..

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Hello, thank you for the question to HealthReplies.com

Pain in the ear can be caused by many possibilities, some of which are:

infection of the external ear (otitis externa) infection of the middle ear (otitis media) the presence of hardened earwax (cerumen prop) the presence of a foreign body in the ear (eg ear intruding insects) pain in the ear caused by pain in other places, such as infection in throat and tonsils, temporomandibular joint disorder, infection of the teeth and gums, impacted teeth, etc. Basically if your symptoms improve or at least persist, then you can wait until April 22 to control your doctor, but if the symptoms you feel are even more severe (more pain, cheeks and neck that were not previously swollen to become swollen, or hearing is increasingly disturbed), you should immediately consult a ENT doctor (may visit your ENT doctor beforehand, or seek an ENT doctor other). If there really is dirt that clogs your ears, then indeed the therapy that needs to be done is to take and clean the dirt. But the definitive therapy must be adjusted to the cause of pain found on examination.

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