Headache That Lasts For Years?

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Hello doctor! I want to ask, I have had a headache that occurs continuously for a very long time. About around 16/17 years old is now 24 years old. At that time I often experience dizziness, then consume drugs and the pain subsides. I don’t know if the effects of the medication will disappear, I will experience dizziness again, and continue until the next. Because I think it is quite disturbing my daily activities since then I often take headache medicine without going to the doctor, so it helps a little, even when the effects of the medication disappear the pain recurred again. Around the age of 22 I had started reducing drugs because reading some articles said it was not good to consume drugs too often. As a result, every day my head hurts. I also often cannot sleep, even if my eyes are really tired and only a few hours a week. I also tend to be quiet more often tend to daydream so that my activities are really disturbed. Exhausted, even though in the past year my activity was not too heavy due to headaches. Oh yes, I’ve also been convicted of acute sinus, and I thought of my headache from there, but apparently after surgery, for headaches there was still no change in only healing the sinus. What do you think about cases like me? Thank you in advance

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Hello Q,

Thank you for the question.

Head pain that lasts for years can indeed arise one of them due to sinusitis, which is inflammation of the sinus cavity. Surgery to treat sinusitis can indeed help overcome complaints and prevent dangerous complications. However, if you do not handle these risk factors for sinusitis, it is not impossible that the disease will recur in the future.

In addition to sinusitis, headaches that occur for a long time can also occur due to migraines, cluster headaches, brain tumors, cerebral aneurysms, hypertension, metabolic disorders, infections, head injuries, neurological disorders, tension headaches, untreated eye refraction well, glaucoma, hormonal disorders, chronic diseases, and so on.

Obviously, if the headaches that appear are quite severe, these headaches can make you have trouble sleeping and your eyes feel more easily tired. Furthermore, disturbed sleep patterns and tired eyes can also aggravate the headaches that arise. Your condition is silent and daydreaming, it could be a sign that you are experiencing severe mental stress, it can even lead to psychiatric disorders. This condition can also trigger headaches.

It is best if your condition is checked directly by a doctor or neurologist for further treatment. It may be that later the doctor will recommend that you undergo blood tests, x-rays, CT scans, MRI, or also refer you to the right specialist doctor, such as psychiatric, ENT, and so on, depending on the suspicion of the disease.

To get your condition handled, try doing it first:

 Take paracetamol medication, only when it is painful that is annoying Increase more relaxation, warm compresses of your head that are painful Limit the use of gadgets, only if necessary Regularly exercise Do not be late eating, limit consumption of foods containing lots of salt, flavorings, and bad fats Don't be too complicated think about the problem, focus on finding a solution Don't worry too much about things that haven't happened or are out of your control Avoid contact with substances that make you allergic, for example cold, dust, pollen, mites Use a mask when leaving the room Create a regular sleep and wake schedule every Hopefully the day will help ..

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