Headache Until The Palms And Feet Feel Stiff?

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I have headaches every day, sometimes migraines, sometimes the back of the head, on the forehead too.. I’ve been taking migraine medicine and paracetamol but nothing has changed..rnYesterday I fainted, then my palms and feet stiff.. my mouth is shaking and I can’t speak.. what do I do and what should I do? thank you

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Hi Usti,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

It needs to be clarified beforehand, is there a history of certain diseases that you suffer from?

Recurrent headaches can have various triggers, one of which is often due to psychological stress. This condition is possible if for example you are facing exams, conflicts in the household, work problems, loss of loved ones or objects, and so on. This psychological pressure can also cause various other complaints as you experience. A person's vulnerability to experiencing psychological pressure can vary, not only influenced by environmental factors, but also genetics (innate), parenting, lifestyle, personality, and so on.

It could also be that your headaches arise due to other causes, such as excessive caffeine consumption, alcohol consumption, smoking, head injuries, viral or bacterial infections, brain tumors, hypertension (high blood pressure), hypercholesterolemia (high blood cholesterol), brain aneurysms (vessels). abnormal blood in the brain), and so on.

Fainting, stiff hands and feet, and shaking mouth do not always appear related to the cause of the headache. These complaints may also occur due to epilepsy, panic attacks, electrolyte and fluid balance disorders, drug overdose, heat stroke, and so on.

It is difficult to identify exactly which triggers your complaint without doing a thorough physical examination in person. Therefore, we suggest that you immediately consult a doctor at the nearest health facility. In that way, it is hoped that the doctor can provide the best treatment according to the condition that underlies your complaint.

The first steps you can take are:

Take paracetamol if the headache comes back
Calm your mind, don't stress, fear, or worry too much
Stay away from excessive caffeine, cigarettes, alcohol, and illegal drugs
Live a healthy lifestyle, starting from sleeping regularly, eating healthy and nutritious food, exercising regularly, and drinking enough
Avoid exposure to excessive heat
If there is something that causes you to be afraid or panicked excessively, immediately find a solution to it, if necessary open up with other people who you believe can solve your problem

I hope this helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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