Headaches Accompanied By Buzzing Ears Do Not Go Away After Boarding The Plane?

Illustration of Headaches Accompanied By Buzzing Ears Do Not Go Away After Boarding The Plane?
Illustration: Headaches Accompanied By Buzzing Ears Do Not Go Away After Boarding The Plane? thehealthy.com

hello, I am 14 years old, last year when I was on a plane and in the middle of the trip suddenly my back of the head cenut cenut and it hurts so much, then I ignore and then disappear the cenut until I get home, but when going to sleep at night, suddenly my left ear aches and suddenly feels a buzz even though there is no noise from outside, then I just sleep and the next day still buzzing but then it subsides and then hums again and continues for the next few days but then subsides by itself (not recurring for several months) r nI also asked my mother to see the inside of my ears if there might be dirt, but my mother said no, I have also tried cleaning with a cotton bud several times and the results are my ears are not too dirty. r nuntil now (one year later) sometimes it still recurs several times although not as often first, as well as headaches, very rare but sometimes arise. but most often my ears, especially when I’m crying and then in a lying position, then usually my left ear is buzzing right away and I feel like I’m clogged so I can’t hear clearly, but this can go away by itself. my question is, what actually happened to me? does it have to do with getting on a plane? by the way it’s not the first time I got on a plane … and before that cenut cenut incident I never felt my ears buzzing in that long time. so u0026amp; thanks waiting for the answer😊

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From the information you have conveyed, there are complaints of headaches and buzzing ears that you have felt before while on a plane, and still often recur after one year later, it may be caused by changes in pressure in the ear cavity against pressure outside the ear cavity. This condition can be triggered by changes in pressure inside the aircraft during flight or due to other factors, such as:

1. Suffers from a cold and a cough that affects the pressure in the ear cavity

2. An infection or inflammation of the middle or inner ear cavity

3. Recurrent sinusitis which causes inflammation of the ear

4. Trauma to the ear

5. Stress or anxiety

6. Excessive use of earphones

Complaints of headaches can menyerti complaints or disorders of the ear, so that it is increasingly disturbing your comfort.

However, to ascertain all the causes of this complaint, you should discuss with your family doctor or your ENT doctor. The doctor will conduct examinations and evaluations related to your clinical condition. Investigations can be planned to help determine the cause.

The results obtained will be the basis of care and treatment for you.

For now, you should take care of your physical condition, avoid sleeping late, avoid using earphones.

Similarly we can convey information, read also ringing ears.

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