Headaches Accompanied By Fatigue, And Body Aches?

Illustration of Headaches Accompanied By Fatigue, And Body Aches?
Illustration: Headaches Accompanied By Fatigue, And Body Aches? chrichmond.org

Good morning, I’m Tika, 24 years old with a height of 160 and a weight of 49 kg., Lately I feel tired and always want to sleep. When I do my daily work I get tired more quickly. Then I felt pain in the bones in my back and sometimes my shoulders felt stiff. After standing up from my initial sitting position, I often dizzy. What would I experience? So what are the causes and treatments? What foods should I consume? Is it safe to exercise for my complaints? Thank you..

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A tired or exhausted condition can be the result of excessive physical activity or excessive mental and psychological burdens. This can also occur due to the accumulation of unhealthy habits and lifestyles that cause fatigue and not motivated to carry out daily activities.

Some steps that can be considered are by paying attention to your sleep patterns, eating patterns, and your activities. It is recommended to be able to eat regularly starting from breakfast, consuming balanced foods with nutritional and varied contents, avoiding fast food, containing preservatives and artificial sweeteners, make it a habit to prepare your own food or choose clean and healthy foods, do regular exercise 20- 30 minutes per day around 3-5 times per week (like jogging, swimming, or yoga), avoid smoking, avoid consuming alcoholic drinks.

Create a sleep environment that is calm, dim, and cool, avoid conditions or noise from the sleeping environment, avoid playing on the bed because it can interfere with the quality of your sleep. In addition, it should be noted also whether there are conditions or emotional and psychological stress that you think so that it can disrupt your sleep. It can also affect the overall symptoms that you experience.

Dizzy and dizzy conditions from sitting to standing or lying down to sitting are also called orthostatic hypotension. This occurs due to a disturbance in blood pressure regulation due to sudden changes in head position. Generally it will stop and subside itself after a while. This condition is generally harmless, but can also be caused by disorders of the endocrine glands, heart problems, blood vessel abnormalities.

It is advisable to consult a doctor regarding further examination and management in handling the conditions and symptoms that you experience. It is necessary to do a thorough examination and supporting examinations such as blood tests if needed. It is recommended not to take self-medication without doctor's instructions, to maintain a diet by avoiding fast food and containing preservatives, sufficient activity and rest, to avoid severe stress conditions.

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