Headaches Accompanied By Nausea And Neck Pain When Seeing Light?

Hello, I want to ask, my wife is 20 years old, often dizzy, headaches to nausea, fatigue, pain in the nape of the neck, eyes hurt when exposed to any light. Checked but not because of pregnancy. What do you think is my wife’s illness?

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Hello Ibrahim, Thank you for the question.

Has your wife gone to a doctor (not an obstetrician)? The causes of headaches vary greatly and to determine the cause the doctor needs to do an examination on the patient. Headaches accompanied by the symptoms you mentioned might be caused by migraines. Migraines are throbbing headaches that are mostly felt on one side of the head, which are accompanied by complaints of nausea, vomiting, and are more sensitive to light or sound. In some cases headaches can occur on both sides of the head and feel up to the neck. In addition to migraines, your wife's complaints can be caused by: cluster headaches, tension headaches, eye refraction disorders, glaucoma.

Please advise your wife to see a neurologist. In addition to asking further questions about this complaint, your doctor needs to examine your wife to determine the cause and determine further treatment. The cause cannot be known without a doctor's examination.

In the meantime, advise your wife to take the following recommendations:

immediately lie down in a dark and calm place if a headache appears
consumption of paracetamol if a headache appears
avoid triggers for headaches such as lack of sleep, psychological stress, food with MSG. caffeinated drinks
get enough rest and manage stress well

I hope this helps.

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