Headaches And Irregular Menstrual Cycles?

Illustration of Headaches And Irregular Menstrual Cycles?
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Good afternoon … I am 21 years old love, I want to ask, my menstrual cycle is around 1-5, But on the 27th I had menstruated and lasted 4 days and then stopped .. Two days later came out again and only lasted 1/2 days then stopped again for 3 days .. Then came out again and lasted only 1 day then stopped .. Is that normal? Considering that before I took the pill and there was no problem with my period … Then lately my head often hurts on the left and right sides, especially during the day when excessive sunlight and night … Thank you in advance …

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Hello, Fionica. Thank you for the questions submitted to HealthReplies.com We can understand the concern you feel.

Complaints related to menstruation that you experience do not rule out menstrual disorders. There are several possible menstrual disorders with characteristics such as the one you are complaining about, including:

Metroragia (menstrual bleeding with irregular intervals) Menometroragia (increased volume or duration of menstrual bleeding and accompanied by irregular inter-menstrual distance) Hypermenorrhea / menorrhagia (menstrual bleeding with increased volume (> 80 mL of blood) and / or prolongation of duration [> 7 days] but interhaid intervals remain normal) Menstrual disorders can be caused by problems in the reproductive organs (uterus, cervix, fallopian tubes / tubes, ovaries) or other factors outside the reproductive organ system (hormonal disorders, side effects of drugs [including contraceptive pills] , blood clotting disorders, stress). Complaints of headache did not rule out the usual side effects of the contraceptive pill.

We advise you to consult directly with a specialist obstetrics and gynecologist to identify the exact cause of menstrual disorders and headaches in the use of the contraceptive pill. The doctor will probably do a supporting examination such as ultrasound, CT-scan, and / or blood examination if an indication is found.

At home, it is recommended that you take the following simple steps:

Get plenty of rest Maintain your weight within the normal range Consumption of balanced nutritious food Routine physical exercise or exercise Stress management To enrich insight, you can read articles about menstrual disorders. Such is our explanation. Hopefully always healthy. May be useful.

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