Headaches And Under The Eyes Accompanied By Toothache?

I have had a toothache for 2 weeks because of a cavity in the upper left corner of the tooth, as a result, my head also became dizzy and it has been 2 days since my under eye bone was also sore and when my teeth were not sore the bones under my eyes still hurt. Is that the effect of a toothache? I also wear glasses, or the effect of glasses?

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Pain in the under eye area can be related to a toothache you've had before, wearing glasses, or also due to other causes.

A hole in a tooth that is deep enough can cause pain of varying intensity, from mild to severe. When the depth of this hole has reached the pulp, the pain that appears is usually quite severe and appears continuously, aggravated, especially with heat, cold, touch, or pressure stimulation. This pulp is the deepest part of the tooth which contains many nerve fibers and blood vessels. Because of the hole that has reached the pulp, pain in the tooth can spread to other areas, either due to the normal spread of the nerve fibers around it, or it can also be due to the spread of infection from the tooth to other areas around it, for example the soft tissue around the cheeks, jaw, sinuses, and so on. This condition may trigger pain under the cheek as you experience.

The use of glasses is usually done to correct eye refractive disorders, such as nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hypermetropia), or cylinders (astigmatism). Using glasses that are suitable for eye vision (sharp eyesight) should actually help sufferers in their activities. What often causes pain in the area around the eyes is when the glasses used do not match the eye vision. This condition makes the muscles around the eyes quickly become tired due to continuous accommodation in focusing the gaze. Due to the fatigue of the eye muscles, there can also be pain, as you experience.

In addition to the two conditions above, it could also be, pain under the eyes accompanied by dizziness as you feel arises due to other reasons, such as migraines, cluster headaches, sinusitis, skin infections around the eyes, hypertension, injuries, other viral or bacterial infections, and so.

You can do to determine which of the various possible causes by going to your doctor directly. Usually, with a regular physical examination, the doctor is able to provide the best treatment according to the condition of the disease.

To reduce pain and dizziness, try the following tips first:

Take paracetamol medication
Compress the area under the sore eye with warm water
Get more rest
Don't over-stare at gadgets or stare at the fine print
If there are cavities in the teeth, consult a dentist directly

Control the use of your glasses to an ophthalmologist regularly so that it is adjusted to your eye vision

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