Headaches Before Menstruation?

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.. why before menstruation I always have a right headache that hurts so much and always wants to vomit. And always every month I experience this. so bs said I felt my body felt healthy for only 2 weeks. The rest drops … 5L … because the menstrual cycle always advances 1 week every month. Please answer

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Hello Mega

Headaches that appear before the onset of menstruation or during menstruation, are a fairly common condition experienced by women of childbearing age. This can occur due to the influence of hormonal changes during the menstrual process, where the levels of the hormones estrogen and progesterone just before menstruation will decrease as a result will affect other chemical compounds in the brain, causing headaches.

In addition to these factors, several other medical conditions can also be considered for the presence of headaches before the onset of menstruation, namely low iron levels, where when women experience menstruation bleeding will occur so that some blood and iron will disappear from the body. Conditions of iron levels that are too low will cause pain in the head.

Generally, headaches before menstruation or when menstruation does not require special treatment, Mega can try some of the following tips to help reduce existing complaints:

 Compress with cold water on the head and neck area. Reduce salty and high salt content. It is best to avoid caffeine-containing foods (coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks), MSG flavoring, alcohol, and food products that have high levels of high tyramine (bananas, avocados, dried fruit) Take supplements supplementing with blood and iron Exercise regularly Manage stress appropriately And if it is very annoying you can take headache relief medications such as paracetamol. it would be nice if Mega went to see a doctor directly, yes, so that further evaluations could be made and provide appropriate treatment of Mega's condition. Because the doctor still needs to get more information to be able to consider what medicine or pedis action is appropriate for Mega to do

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