Headaches That Come And Go With Weight Loss?

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Greetings healthy r nI am a 20 year old teenager, height 167 and current weight 48 kg. I want to ask, since March 2018 yesterday I suddenly felt a headache, the pain was throbbing, still faint, if judged from 1-10 then the pain was at point 2. then it continued for almost about 2 weeks and I decided to go to a neurologist and was given medicine. But this throbbing headache persists, every day it always appears, it can be 6-10 times a day, for the duration itself, if you have a throbbing pain, it feels like about 5-10 seconds then it disappears, and soon it appears again, in May you had time no relapse at all, and this month it started to relapse. Actually, my weight is 50, but why did it drop so fast to 48kg, so far it has been 3 months that I have had headaches like this. what should I do next?

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Headaches are common and can be caused by various causes. From the circumstances that you are experiencing, the pain that continues to occur and feels stabbing may be due to a migraine.

migraine is a primary headache (in the absence of an underlying disease). The exact cause of migraine is not yet known with certainty. However, migraines can be affected due to several factors such as being too tired, seeing the glare of the light, smelling a strong odor, lack of rest. Migraine can recur / recur. Migraine can cause symptoms such as:

pain on one side of the head, pain feels like being stabbed / throbbed
headaches can come and go, and tend not to get better with rest
may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting
may be accompanied by initial symptoms such as smelling a certain odor, or seeing flashes of light
the scalp feels sore when pressed

Migraines can recur or come and go within one day, so sometimes people with migraines feel that they are always having migraine attacks. Migraine usually requires treatment using certain drugs from a doctor.

If you have lost 2 kg in 3 months, this is not said to have dropped dramatically.

But besides that, the condition you are experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as:

stress / excessive tension
minus eye / myopia
high blood pressure
low blood sugar levels
lack of rest
certain tumors

Therefore, it is recommended that you re-check with a neurologist, so that the doctor can check your condition directly and check further. Maybe later additional tests will be carried out such as blood tests, thyroid hormone tests, x-rays, ct scans / mri if necessary.

the following articles that you can read about headaches

may be useful. Thank you

dr. Danny

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