Headaches That Disappear Like Shock?

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Good night. I am a woman aged 22 years r nI have a migraine headache and disappear. The pain is not as usual as pain like stun or like blood flowing. Then I also felt sick, and my body felt like pins and needles. When I walk I’m like floating. My eyes also felt a bit blurred. Before the beginning of the year I have experienced this for more than 2 months. Then get well. And now that has happened to me again. What could be the cause? Earlier in the year I went to see a doctor about this, after finishing taking the medicine, the pain disappeared. It won’t recur long. Well and I went to the same doctor twice a year at the beginning of the year. But still there was no change, so I did not continue to consult the doctor again. And only consumes the medicine that was given. Then I endure myself until the pain healed itself. And now it happens again, what kind of illness do I suffer from my complaints? Thank you

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Hi Reny,

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Frequent recurring headaches, such as being electrocuted, accompanied by nausea, weakness, tingling, giddiness (such as floating), and blurred vision, can occur due to the following conditions:

Trigeminal neuralgia
Cluster head pain

Anemia (low blood hemoglobin)

Hypotension (low blood pressure)
Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
Dyspepsia (increased stomach acid)
Brain tumor
Cerebral aneurysm, and so on

Determining the exact cause of headaches is often not easy. Doctors need to do a thorough physical examination, accompanied by several supporting tests, for example x-rays, CT scans, MRI, laboratory tests, and so on. Therefore, if you feel your complaint does not improve even after undergoing medical treatment, you should not necessarily hold your complaint continuously. Go back to your doctor or neurologist for a more in-depth evaluation. That way, if your condition arises due to certain diseases, then your doctor can give you the best treatment tailored to the cause of the disease.

Here are our initial suggestions:

As a pain reliever, take anti-pain medication that is sold freely in the market, such as paracetamol
Live a healthy lifestyle, including by sleeping and waking up regularly, not getting used to delaying eating time, exercising regularly, multiply doing relaxation
Do not get too tired when the body feels uncomfortable
Don't make it a habit to consume alcohol, smoke, let alone consume drugs carelessly
Avoid things that often stress you out
Compress the area of ​​the head that often feels painful and often tingling body parts with warm water, do not over-massage

Hope this helps ...

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