Headaches That Often Recur Without Cause?

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I want to ask. my mother often complains of headaches, when it comes back it hurts a lot. mmg my mother at that time had vertigo but not anymore. The blood check was different, the results were different, in the high clinic the midwife was low and the cholesterol check was not a problem (normal). kmrn2 my mother finally referred to the hospital, to be precise to a neurologist. The doctor didn’t have any problems in the nerves and suggested therapy and medication as well, but there were no significant changes and until now I don’t know what kind of disease causes my mother’s head to always hurt. my mother also complained that her vision was not clear now maybe minus lg cm has not been checked, does this have anything to do with my mother’s eyes or vertigo that she has been experiencing continuously? please explain, thank you.

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div dir = "auto"> Dizziness is a condition where there is discomfort in the head. Dizziness is usually a symptom and not an isolated disease. Some of the possibilities that can cause dizziness and recurrence are felt like in your case, including:

Symptoms are usually dizziness that feels like throbbing and is often felt on only one side of the head. Vertigo
occurs because of a disturbance in the balance center of the body which results in dizziness. Dizziness in vertigo is usually felt like spinning and can be accompanied by complaints of nausea and vomiting. Headhache tension
Dizziness is usually a feeling of pressure or tension. the cause is due to muscle contraction in the head which is triggered by many factors, one of which is due to a psychological condition.

Apart from the above conditions, several factors that can cause dizziness include:

Infection, when you are infected with a disease, germs or bacteria will stimulate your body to increase body temperature. In addition to fever, your head will also feel dizzy. Lack of oxygen, the cause can be caused by reduced blood flow to the brain, hypotension or reduced oxygen supply due to lack of blood (anemia) Minus eyes, minus eyes or myopia often cause dizziness. Blurred vision will make the eyes overwork the brain so that it will cause dizziness Stressful and psychological conditions, dizziness is often felt when you are under stress either because of too much burden on your mind or because your body is tired

Usually the doctor will explore your dizziness complaints in depth with several examinations of the head, eyes, and so on to determine the main cause of the dizziness. In addition, the doctor will also plan some supporting examinations if needed. Treatment can be in the form of pain relief at various levels or according to the cause of the underlying disease.

When experiencing dizziness the following things you can do to reduce complaints include:

Get plenty of rest immediately stop activities that are too heavy. Drink plenty of water can prevent lack of fluids or dehydration. Eating painkillers (paracetamol) will reduce your complaints of dizziness. Take medication when complaints arise. You can also read this article

To prevent dizziness again, you can do the following:

Healthy diet, make it a habit to have breakfast every morning, don't eat late, multiply foods that contain vitamins and minerals such as vegetables and fruits and drink enough water at least 2 L / day. Get enough rest, sleep for 6-8 hours at night and try to rest for at most 1 hour during the day and limit activities that are too excessive Stress management, complete tasks that you can do as soon as possible because procrastination will trigger stress and anxiety

If the dizziness you experience gets worse, has a long duration, for example does not disappear in a matter of days, and is accompanied by high fever, nausea, vomiting, or decreased consciousness, consult a doctor immediately.

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