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I understand the concerns and fears that you experience, where autoimmune disease is a condition when a person's immune system attacks one's own body. Normally, the immune system protects the body from attacks by foreign organisms, such as bacteria or viruses. However, in someone suffering from autoimmune disease, the immune system sees healthy body cells as foreign organisms. So the immune system will release a protein called autoantibodies to attack healthy body cells.

paraahli has still not found the exact cause of autoimmune disease to date. However, there are various factors that cause a person at risk for developing autoimmune diseases, such as: genetic / hereditary, environment, hormonal changes and infections.

where symptoms of autoimmune diseases such as:

pain throughout the body, pain like prickling
joint pain, this pain is also often accompanied by swelling and / or stiffness, so that makes you very painful and difficult to move.
feeling tired and persistent
mild fever arises
Severe hair loss

Brain fog. so called because the brain at times like covered with fog, so for a moment someone loses memory, focus, and concentration, whether writing or while talking.

indeed the symptoms that you refer lead to autoimmune disease but to ensure that a direct examination must be done, because it could be that your complaint is caused by a severe headache or because of your stress. It is better if this has progressed immediately. Consult your doctor to find out the cause of your illness. The doctor will ask about your history, do a physical examination and the doctor will run several tests to find out if someone has an autoimmune disease, including the ANA (antinuclear antibody) test. and tests to find out what inflammation autoimmune diseases might cause. so the blood check extends using what regimen if to detect autoimmune diseases the doctor will do the ANA TEST check I mentioned earlier where this examination is used to check for the presence of certain antibody cells in the blood, is the most sensitive method in ensuring diagnosis. so indeed this examination is done by blood check but blood check is in the broadest sense there are several regimens used to diagnose of course you might be recommended a complete blood check and ANA test or immunological ice all depends on the doctor who examined you, so the doctor can give you a handler exactly according to the cause if it is caused by an autoimmune disease the doctor will give you some immune system suppressing drugs, such as corticosteroids and some drugs that underlie the cause of your illness.

Thus the info I can give

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