Headaches To The Ears, Eyes And Teeth

Illustration of Headaches To The Ears, Eyes And Teeth
Illustration: Headaches To The Ears, Eyes And Teeth

good afternoon doc. I have been experiencing pain in my left head for 2 days and the pain reaches my ears and eyes, my teeth, my eyes feel hot, so I endure pain sometimes until my body shakes, is this a migraine symptom, or something else, because about 4 days then, my forehead had been hit by a marble table rather hard, and it still hurt in the former impact, is it possible because of that doc I typed this while enduring the pain doc …

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. Your condition may or may not be related to the history. If related, it could be due to a buildup of blood, inflammation or the impact of other injuries. If it is not related, it could be due to migraine, nerve abnormalities, infection, or abnormal tissue growth.

However, this condition cannot be known without direct examination. If the impact is severe enough and the symptoms are quite severe, you may even need to do a supporting examination in the form of a CT scan or X-ray to ensure there are injuries, cracks or so forth. Our advice, because the head is a very important part because there is a brain behind it, and if there is bleeding, this can take place undetected except with a special examination, you should immediately consult your condition to a neurologist. Your doctor will then carry out the examination that we mentioned before and then only can determine the diagnosis and the best treatment for you.

Meanwhile, because Indonesia is currently being hit by a corona virus outbreak, limit activities outside unless there are important matters, multiply breaks, reduce physical activity and lift heavy loads, multiply water consumption, and if conditions worsen, don't hesitate to check with your emergency room at home closest pain. So, hopefully answering your question.

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