Headaches To The Eyes To The Neck?

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Hello Windha, thank you for your question to HealthReplies.com.

Headache is a pain sensation that is felt around the head, and sometimes it can even be felt to the bottom of the back of the head / nape. Sensation of pain that can be felt feels like heavy, bound, throbbing, like being pricked, and so forth. Pain can be felt suddenly or slowly / increasingly heavy.

Headaches themselves can be caused by various things, from tense muscles, disorders of the head arteries, infections, fatigue, lack of sleep, and so forth. Here are some of the causes of headaches:

Tension type headaches due to muscles in the head are too tense / continuous contractions. Patients usually feel the sensation of the head as bound, heavy, and can be felt from the forehead to the neck or shoulders. These types of tension headaches are often associated with psychological factors such as stress, depression, or fatigue. Migraine headaches or often called headaches. Migraine headaches can be felt as throbbing headaches, often on one side only. Sufferers can also feel more sensitive to light. In some women who are approaching menstruation, sometimes there are those who are more susceptible to migraine (hormonal factors). Cluster type headaches. Headache is felt to be more severe and sudden, appearing around the eyes and spreading to the head, neck, to the shoulders accompanied by tears, one nose becomes runny or blocked, forehead or face sweating, and so forth. Headache due to trauma or head injury. Headache after a history of trauma should not be taken lightly. It is necessary to find out whether the pain is due to mere impact or caused by rupture of blood vessels in the brain. Brain tumor. Sometimes, headaches can be a symptom in cases of tumors or brain cancer. Symptoms of headaches due to tumors will be felt increasingly increasingly heavy, and can be accompanied by blurred vision, weakness of the limbs, and so forth. Viral or bacterial infections can also cause headaches and can be accompanied by fever or other symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, and so on. For that, in your condition, it is better to find out the cause of the headache that you are experiencing. You also need to observe if there are other symptoms that you feel and things that trigger and relieve headache symptoms. Meanwhile, keep your health healthy by:

Get enough rest, at least 8 hours per day. Sleeping too long can also cause headaches Consumption of food and drinks that are maintained hygienic, multiply eat fruits and vegetables and drink water at least 2 liters (equivalent to 8 glasses) per day Regular physical / sports activities according to your ability, a minimum of 30 minutes every time you exercise and can be done 3-5x in one week Manage stress well. It is important for you to have time to relax or do your hobbies. You can also take headache relief medications such as Paracetamol as prescribed. and so on, immediately check with your doctor or nearest health facility.

That's all, hopefully it's useful and I hope you get better soon.


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