Headaches To The Face Feel Hot?

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Doctor how come suddenly my head hurts, then my face is red. What does it hurt? I also have sinusitis, is this brought from sinusitis? Thanks in advance, doctor.

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Sinusitis is a disease caused by inflammation of the sinus mucosa around the nose and nasal cavity. One of the minor symptoms of sinusitis can be a headache. Other minor symptoms can include fever, bad breath, weakness, toothache, pain or feeling full in the ears, and coughing.

While the major symptoms of sinusitis include nasal congestion, mucus from a thick nose or throat, pain in the face and irritating disorders. If you experience these complaints besides a headache, chances are the condition relapsed sinusitis symptoms.

Headache complaints can also be a result of mild neurological disorders. Headache is an uncomfortable sensation that is felt in the head region.
Headache can be classified into primary and secondary headaches.

Primary head pain is caused by neurological disorders in the head due to lower resistance to pain stimulation. Primary headaches include: tension-type headache (TTH), migraine, or cluster headache. Primary headache is 90% of all headache complaints. Headache can also occur secondary, which means it is caused by other more severe health conditions.

Information about the characteristics of the headache felt by the patient will be very helpful in establishing the diagnosis and the appropriate treatment. Carry out further consultations with your doctor for an examination and assess the underlying causes of the current headache complaint.

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