Healing Broken Bones?

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Hello, I’m hendra 26th, I just want to ask, I have a broken arm in the upper arm (right hand) from the fracture X-ray results in a spiral shape, it has been treated to an alternative fracture expert, corrected and casted for almost 3 weeks, how long do bones usually reconnect during this healing period, thank you.

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Hi Hend,

Have you seen a doctor when you have a fracture? Broken bones should be immediately examined by an orthopedic doctor so that more precise handling can be given. Handling is not always with surgery, if possible it can be handled with a cast or special bandage.

Broken bones will actually connect themselves even without adequate treatment, but very risky complications occur if the fracture is not handled properly by the doctor. Broken bones that are handled improperly can cause bone grafting to fail, bone grafting is misplaced so that the bone is bent, deformed, disrupted, and increases the risk of infection.

For this reason, I strongly recommend that you check with an orthopedic doctor first so that further examination can be done to ascertain the condition of your bones, if necessary X-rays can be done again. The next action will be adjusted to the results of your inspection.

The process of healing a broken bone itself can vary in length depending on the activity, the patient's medical condition, treatment performed, age, nutrition, and the shape of the bone fracture. In general, upper arm fractures can improve within 6-8 weeks, but complete healing can last for several months.

To help the healing process, you should follow the advice of orthopedic doctors about the activities that can be done, consumption of healthy and nutritious food, no need to abstain from food while not allergic, rest enough, avoid cigarette smoke, and control to the doctor according to the schedule given, yes. For physical exercises / exercises to move the hands should also be consulted with orthopedic doctors and medical rehab doctors.

Hope it helps you,

Thank you

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