Healing For Liver Cancer?

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Good night my uncle’s doctor has liver cancer, has been treated and controlled at the hospital early Pekanbaru brooches there is no change, instead told to go home, please help me how to how to cure it and where, so thank you for the doctor’s help

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Liver cancer is a malignancy in the liver caused by mutation of normal cells into cancer cells. Because liver function is important, liver cancer can develop progressively so that it can cause accompanying complaints that affect the quality of life, such as nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, decreased appetite, yellow skin, reddish urine, or significant weight loss.
Liver cancer can be caused due to primary factors from the liver or secondary to other organs or the spread of cancer from other organs. Diagnosis of liver cancer can be done by physical examination and is supported by supporting examinations such as ultrasound or MRI and blood tests. Handling of liver cancer depends on the primary or secondary cause and depends on the current stage of liver cancer. Staging of liver cancer is divided into stages A to D, classified according to the size of the cancer, the spread of the cancer, and the patient's condition and impairment in function. So by determining the stage of the cancer, the doctor can plan appropriate treatment. At an early stage with a small cancer size, surgery can be considered.
Regarding the liver cancer case that you submit, it is necessary to ensure the stage of the patient's liver cancer by the oncology surgeon, so that treatment steps can be taken by the doctor, either by surgery, radiotherapy or with chemotherapy to help prevent the progression and spread of the cancer and improve the quality of life of the patient.
And with regard to handling by a doctor, you can find a specialist oncology surgeon, who specializes in treating patients with tumors or cancer. You can search for doctors and related cities in the following link.
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