Healing Of Wounds On Baby’s Tongue After A Fall?

Illustration of Healing Of Wounds On Baby’s Tongue After A Fall?
Illustration: Healing Of Wounds On Baby’s Tongue After A Fall? Bing

I want to ask, I have a baby aged 1 year 2 months, he fell out of bed and his tongue was bleeding, then I put a compress on his tongue with ice cubes and now it is red but the bleeding has stopped, then when will my baby’s tongue heal and come back like again huh? Thank you doctor.

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A sore and bleeding tongue from the impact of a fall can be a minor thing but can also be dangerous. The first step you did before was right, namely by compressing it using ice cubes to stop the bleeding. However, after the bleeding has stopped, further evaluation of the condition of the wound is necessary.

Because, a wound that is quite deep and wide on the tongue has the potential to cause taste buds on your child's tongue. In addition, poor wound hygiene or poor dental and oral conditions also have the potential to cause the wound to become infected. If there is an infection, then your child's tongue can become swollen, red, and even secrete abnormal secretions such as pus.

Therefore, even if the bleeding has stopped, you should still check your child to the doctor. That way, the progress of the wound can be evaluated and what kind of treatment is appropriate to deal with it. If an infection is suspected, the doctor can also give antibiotics to treat it.

At this time, you should not touch your child's tongue excessively. Also tell your child not to touch it or pick it up, especially with unclean hands. Give your child soft-textured foods first to minimize irritation on the tongue due to difficulty chewing. Brush your child's teeth regularly, and if possible, teach him to gargle with salt water to help soothe the inflammation on his tongue. Avoid putting any ointment or medication on your child's tongue unless advised by a doctor.

How long it will take for your child's tongue to heal back to its normal state of course can vary depending on the extent and depth of the wound, the treatment performed, and your child's response to the treatment. However, generally small, superficial, well-treated wounds will improve within 1 to 2 weeks.

Maintain tongue health

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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