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About 2 weeks ago I had a fever, I had a fever when I was 25. Two days later my fever went down but my throat got sick (when I swallowed it didn’t hurt, just like a phlegm was blocking) and then I came here every night I often coughed. Well yesterday my throat really “hurts until it’s hard to swallow sometimes the cough is accompanied by pain in the abdomen.

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complaints that you experience can be caused by bacterial and viral infections or because of allergies there are several causes of complaints that you experience including:

laryngitis (tonsillitis and pharyngitis)

Gastric acid disease: where gastric acid rises in the esophagus results in irritation and cough

There are several things you can do before seeing a doctor:

enough rest
drink warm water, drink 2 liters or less
reduce or avoid caffeine
avoid spicy, fatty and sour foods
the meaning is teratut little but often
avoid sleeping after eating
You can try taking over-the-counter gastric medications such as antacids etc. if it is reduced it may be caused by your stomach.
You can suck throat lozenges
You can take paracetamol to reduce the pain you feel
wear a mask

if you have done the above but there is no improvement and are accompanied by symptoms that are getting heavier such as high fever and difficulty in breathing immediately consult a doctor to do the examination and handling appropriately

Thus the info I can give

hopefully can help you

thank you

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