Hear The Sound Of People Chatting When They Want To Sleep?

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hello, so lately I often experience where when I want to sleep, tina arrives from my ears I hear a lot of people talking / talking loudly. There are also people who scream and there are some beatings or other noise. But this happened when I wanted to sleep, but it felt like I was asleep but realized that I was asleep. I could even look around my room but it was hard to get up. very similar to oppression. I wonder why, does it need to worry right ?. Thank you😊

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Hello Silkyanaan,

The phenomenon of depression is referred to as sleep paralysis in the medical world. Sleep paralysis is a condition when the patient feels aware of his surroundings but cannot move or wake up from sleep. This can happen shortly after you sleep or just before you want to wake up. Sleep paralysis occurs because of disruption in the sleep cycle of rapid eye movement.

Sleep paralysis most often occurs at the age of 20-30 years. Sleep paralysis is very often accompanied by hallucinations and fear. Hearing the voice of the person on the side, the voice of the person above us, the noise / loud voice, whispering that actually does not exist, is an auditory hallucination that is often experienced during sleep paralysis. Besides the symptoms experienced during sleep paralysis include feeling depressed in the chest, sweating, shortness of breath, excessive fear such as wanting to die.

Risk factors for sleep paralysis are:

 Narcolepsy sleep disorders Sleep deprivation Jet lag Psychological and physical stress Lying in the supine position Sleep paralysis can also be a symptom of other diseases such as obstructive sleep apnea, migraine, and anxiety disorders.

Sleep paralysis that arises occasionally is not dangerous. However, if it appears with frequency often or more frequently, causing quality disturbances and reduced hours of sleep, even to the point of causing anxiety or fear of sleep, you should see yourself directly with your doctor. Doctors need to do an examination and determine the presence or absence of other diseases that cause sleep paralysis.

Some things you can do to reduce the incidence of sleep paralysis are:

 Lying in a tilted position Doing meditation, yoga or relaxation therapy before going to bed Reducing caffeine consumption Avoid eating full or excessive within 2 hours before going to bed Manage your stress well Create a comfortable sleep environment Thus the explanation from me, may be useful.

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