Hearing Baby 3 Months Old?

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hello, I am a mother of a child aged 3 months less than 2 days … permission to ask, for babies of that age, do they already hear? sometimes he was called by name, he didn’t want to look, but if there was a loud noise like closing a door / falling object he was surprised and was because he was used to listening to television or his brother often shouted so dy used to the crowd, if he listened to music or toys from the side he didn’t want to look in the direction of the sound source like just calm down just be preoccupied with what he was doing at the time, is that reasonable? but if he is invited to chat from the front is the response, laughing and like inviting to chat, I’m afraid there is a problem with his hearing. thank you…

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Hello enes pertiwi,

Thank you for the question.

Complaints about babies often make parents worry, and we understand your concern, especially if it is related to the baby's senses such as hearing. Usually there are certain factors that cause hearing loss such as a family history of hearing loss, being born prematurely, taking drugs that can cause hearing loss, having complications during pregnancy and birth, frequent ear infections, or there are other accompanying diseases such as meningitis or CMV.

It is better for parents to observe the process and the developmental achievements of their baby's hearing which consists of various stages according to age, such as:

Age of birth - 3 months: respond to noisy sounds, turn around when you speak, wake up with loud sounds, smile when invited to speak, and recognize your voice.
Age 4-6 months: turn when you hear a new voice, recognize changes in tone of voice, like toys that make sounds, repeat sounds like "ooh" "aah".
7-12 months of age: turning around when called by name, responding to invitations, responding to playing "peek-ba", starting to imitate our words.
1-2 years old: starting to talk, understanding our speech, understanding when we read stories.

If your baby experiences delays in hearing development mentioned above, you can consult an ENT doctor so that hearing loss can be examined and supporting examinations, as well as further handling.

I hope this helps :)


dr. Talitha

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