Hearing Less Clear After Cleaning The Ears?

Illustration of Hearing Less Clear After Cleaning The Ears?
Illustration: Hearing Less Clear After Cleaning The Ears? healthyhearing.com

Hello r n r n Earlier I cleaned my ears with a cotton bud, when I finished cleaning my left ear, I saw in my cutton bud there was blood (a little), because I was afraid, I finished cleaning my ears after I felt hearing my left ear is less than my right ear. Right now I still feel that way, but it doesn’t hurt, just a minor pain like a normal wound. R n r nMy question, r n1. Is this dangerous for my ears going forward? R n2. Do I need to see a doctor immediately? If so, what should I do tonight? R n3. Can it heal and return to normal naturally? R n r nThank you

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Hi Steven,

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Cleaning the ear using a sharp object, for example a cotton swab, excessively can cause injury in the ear. Depending on the location and extent of the wound, this condition can be mild, but it can also be dangerous and requires immediate treatment by an ENT specialist.

Bleeding from the ear after scraping it with a cotton swab may indicate an injury to the outer ear canal or a tear in the eardrum.

Injury to the external ear canal can cause inflammation that makes the ear canal swell and feels painful. This swelling can also inhibit sound conduction, resulting in a slight reduction in hearing. The pain that arises from this condition is usually quite intense, it can even be felt when the lobe of your ear is touched. This condition is generally mild and can be treated with topical medications (ear drops) and / or oral medication.

Meanwhile, a tear in the eardrum can also cause hearing loss. This is because the eardrum functions to deliver sound from the outer ear to the hearing bones in the middle ear. A large tear in the eardrum can interfere with this function. In addition to bleeding and hearing loss, a torn eardrum can also make it easier for the sufferer to experience an infection of the middle ear, which is characterized by excessive ear discharge and is generally yellowish or greenish in color (resembling pus) with a bad smell. In adults, sizable eardrum tears can only be treated surgically (tympanoplasty) by an ENT septic doctor.

Our advice is that you check your complaint immediately to the doctor so that further evaluation is carried out. Yes, the danger or failure of your condition can only be determined after the origin of the bleeding is known. If necessary, your doctor will likely refer you to an ENt specialist for further treatment.

At this time, stop your habit of excessively prying ears, including using cotton buds. Earwax has an important function in keeping the ear moist and inhibiting the entry of harmful foreign particles into the deeper ear. Therefore, scratching the ears to clean earwax is not necessary. To keep your ears clean, you only need to see an ENT specialist every 6 months.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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