Hearing Regeneration?

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, I hear, is now being tested with drugs to regenerate ear hair hair, is that true? thank you

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Good evening, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. The term ear hair, actually has at least two senses. The first understanding is hair literally, which we can see and its location on the earlobe or along the ear canal. Some people, especially older men, can have ear hair that is long enough to be clearly visible from the outside. For this hair, actually rarely people who want to deliberately grow it. But if this is what you mean, you can grow it with hair growth medications that are sold freely on the market.

The second understanding, and which has more to do with hearing, is hair that is located in the inner ear, and cannot be seen without using tools. This hair converts vibrations from sound waves into electrical currents that flow through nerves to the brain and translates into our understanding of a particular sound. As we get older, our hair, or more precisely this feather can be reduced, making a person also reduced his hearing ability.

If the second understanding you mean, there is no information that clearly supports or refutes it, but so far if there is a drug to regenerate or regrow it, it is likely to use stem cells or stem cells. The discussion about stem cells or stem cells is indeed an interesting discussion, because it can be a solution for various diseases and human limitations. But it's a very complicated science, and science is still not able to use it optimally. So that even if it is being tested, it still takes a long time until the technology can be enjoyed by the wider community. So, hopefully answering your question.

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