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Want to ask how the percentage of successful operations performed on liver cancer. And mhon explaining about handling with a fairly severe stage

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Hello Mrs. Ziza! Thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

I am sorry for the liver cancer that you or those closest to you have. Cancer of the liver can be divided into cancer that originates in the liver (liver cancer) and cancer from other organs that spreads to the liver (metastasis). Liver cancer itself is divided into several types. The most common type is hepatocellular carcinoma. This type of cancer often occurs due to disorders of the liver due to alcohol consumption or infection of the liver (hepatitis). The risk of developing liver cancer also increases with smoking.

Usually, liver cancer only causes symptoms when it is at an advanced stage, making it more difficult to treat. Symptoms that appear are usually yellow skin and eyes, itching of the skin, and a swollen or bulging stomach. The surgery success rate can vary in each case, you should discuss it with the doctor who treats the patient. If the cancer you are experiencing is still small and has not spread, surgery can be a good option for treating liver cancer. The remaining (healthy) liver will grow to replace the part of the liver that has cancer. In a fairly severe stage, surgery is usually not intended to "cure" the patient. Surgery is usually performed to reduce pain and other symptoms and to help the patient survive longer. At an advanced stage, doctors also usually recommend that patients undergo chemotherapy in addition to surgery. Chemotherapy is done to kill cancer cells and prevent cancer cells from growing. The doctor also may provide other therapies according to the patient's condition.

The stage of cancer in a patient is usually determined based on the results of a series of examinations by the doctor. The results of the examination will provide information about size, spread to lymph nodes, and spread to other organs (metastasis). The patient's stage is calculated based on these three factors. Patients are immediately declared to have an advanced stage if metastases are found. The stage is required by the doctor to determine the best treatment option for the patient, the target of therapy, and the percentage of possible improvement or worsening. Talk to your doctor about this. Follow the doctor's advice so that the patient can live a better life and avoid severe pain.

That's my explanation. Hopefully this is useful and you and your family will always be given strength.


dr. Selvi

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