Heart Disease

Illustration of Heart Disease
Illustration: Heart Disease

reasons for fluid restriction in cardiac patients

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There are many types of heart disease, for example coronary heart disease, heart rhythm disorders (arrhythmias), congenital heart disease, weak heart (cardiomyopathy), heart infections (endocarditis), heart valve disorders, even heart failure. Handling of various types of heart disease can be different, depending on the cause, severity, and health conditions of patients in general.

Not all sufferers with heart disease above need to limit their fluid intake. In general, fluid restriction only needs to be done in a few cases, such as heart rhythm disorders, weak heart, heart failure, or other heart disease that is already at a severe stage or complicated to the kidneys. In this condition, fluid restriction is done to reduce the burden on the heart. As is known, the main work of the heart is pumping blood. If a lot of fluid is consumed, the blood volume will increase, and indirectly the heart's workload will increase as well. So, excess fluid intake can further aggravate the condition.

However, as explained above, this does not apply equally to all types of heart disease. Therefore, you better discuss this directly with your doctor or heart doctor who treats sufferers.

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