Heart Leak In Children

Illustration of Heart Leak In Children
Illustration: Heart Leak In Children

My child’s doc was treated at one of the private hospitals in Bekasi. My son said there was a leak in his heart. But I was told to go to a child’s heart specialist to make sure. Because not all hospitals have a pediatric cardiologist. the distance is quite far. And now more people are infected with Corona. So I postponed to go to a pediatric cardiologist. tired. either who just tired of memorizing school lessons or just chatting. why ya doc after shortness of breath at night the child always has a fever doc. actually my child how is the doc doctrine.

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Hello Siti Rokhmiati Khasanah,

The term heart leak includes a wide abnormality in the heart, especially if there is a disruption in the heart valve, a defect (hole) in the heart wall, which if in children most often arises due to congenital heart disease / congenital heart disease.

Pediatric patients with CHD can be diagnosed shortly after birth, diagnosed accidentally when the child is treated / examined with other complaints, diagnosed when there are worsening symptoms that arise due to CHD, it can even be diagnosed as an adult, especially if a mild heart defect. Apart from CHD, heart leak can also occur due to other causes such as infection of the heart.

There are so many types of congenital heart disease, outline can be divided into 2, namely cyanotic and non cyanotic. Cyanotic type CHD will cause symptoms shortly after the baby is born, baby bluish, gain weight when crying, this is because this type of CHD has more complex cardiac abnormalities that cause oxygen-rich blood to continue to mix with oxygen-poor, so blood flowing to the whole body is precisely the oxygen poor. Examples of types of cyanotic PJB are Tetralogy of Fallot (TOF), pulmonary atresia, transposition of large arteries.

Non-cyanotic type of CHD is often only diagnosed later if symptoms develop in a child or when the doctor hears the sound of shunts (abnormal heart sounds) during an examination. In non-cyanotic PJB cyanosis does not arise as in cyanotic PJB. Examples of non-cyanotic CHD are atrial septal defect, ventricular septal defect, patent ductus arteriosus, pulmonary stenosis, aortic stenosis.

Patients with CHD may present with symptoms that vary depending on the type of abnormality that is experienced and the severity of the existing heart structure abnormalities. Symptoms of CHD include:

Rapid breathing, shortness of breath when a child is breastfeeding / sucking
Easily tired or shortness of breath when on the move, children can also faint
Growth disturbance (weight gain)
Swelling in the whole body especially in the area of ​​the lower limbs, eyelids, in the abdomen due to fluid retention due to heart failure

The diagnosis of CHD is obtained from anamnesis of clinical symptoms, physical examination, and supporting examinations in the form of echocardiography and cardiac catheterization to see the heart structure that has abnormalities.

Handling is given varies depending on the patient's condition found at the examination. There are patients who only need treatment to reduce the volume of fluids in the body, there are also those who need treatment to help the heart work more efficiently, there are also those who don't need medication at all enough to limit their activity and modify the amount of fluid they drink / day, whereas in other patients an open heart surgery or a cardiac catheterization procedure to correct the structural deformities of the heart or to close existing defects.

In the case of your child because you have not been able to have a definitive diagnosis (where the heart abnormalities), you should take the child for further examination. You can contact the health facility that you will go to first to ask for a doctor's schedule or register early so you don't have to wait long. Always obey the precautionary steps that must be taken when leaving the house in the midst of the current Covid-19 outbreak.

If the child's shortness of breath increases, swelling arises in the body parts of the child, high fever> 3 days, you should immediately take the child to the nearest health facility. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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