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, my child was diagnosed with a 4.5 mm heart leak at this time which is 6 th 5 months, which the doctor said was innate from birth. But my child was hospitalized for 7 months diagnosed with lung infection, which treats dsa. Why did the village not know that there was a congenital heart leak at that time ?? Is the only way to do the surgery to close it? Thank you in advance

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Hello Ani, Thank you for the question.

Heart leak is a congenital heart disease. Heart leak can occur if there are imperfections in the formation of a part in the heart. Heart leak is a fairly broad term and can include heart leak that occurs in several places in the heart chamber or blood vessels. To diagnose a heart leak, the doctor needs to know the symptoms experienced by the patient, do a physical examination, and conduct further examinations such as X-rays, ECG, and echocardiography. Heart leak can be suspected if on physical examination found abnormalities on heart examination (when the doctor hears with a stethoscope). Physical examination does not always find abnormalities if the size of this leak is very small. For this reason, this condition is not easily detected.

Handling of this heart leak depends on the age of the patient, the location of the heart leak, the size of the heart leak, and the symptoms experienced by the patient. The existence of a heart leak can disrupt the circulation of oxygen and interfere with the functioning of the heart pump. If the size is large enough and the heart leak has caused symptoms of dysfunction of the heart pump, then the treatment recommended by doctors is an action to close the hole. The action taken can be in the form of open heart surgery or the act of inserting an instrument from a blood vessel to close the hole. Due to the lack of information about the condition of heart leak experienced by your child, you should consult with a heart specialist who treats your child so that you get clearer information. Don't hesitate to ask your doctor if you still have other questions or concerns.

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