Heart Palpitations If Consumption Of Foods Containing Garlic?

Illustration of Heart Palpitations If Consumption Of Foods Containing Garlic?
Illustration: Heart Palpitations If Consumption Of Foods Containing Garlic? bhf.org.uk

I’m always nervous and trembling when eating food that has garlic, is that normal?

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Garlic is a plant that is known to have various health benefits, including one of which is to reduce blood pressure in people with hypertension (high blood pressure). Garlic is also known to be good for preventing narrowing while reducing resistance to blood vessels, so it is good for consumption of atherosclerosis patients.

Because of this effect, garlic does risk causing people whose consumption experiences hypotension (low blood pressure). It is this hypotension that often makes the body tremble, dizzy, limp, excessive cold sweat, and vision becomes blurry. When blood pressure drops, the heart will be triggered to compensate by increasing the work of the heart, so you will feel palpitations. However, all of these effects generally only occur if you consume excessive amounts of garlic. If you only consume a little (for example if consumed as a spice in food), normal consumption of garlic will not cause serious complaints.

Could be, if your complaints arise after consuming garlic in a reasonable amount, this indicates that you are allergic to garlic. Or, it's actually not pure garlic that triggers your complaints, but because of anemia, dehydration, hypoglycemia, heart problems, thyroid gland disorders, excessive anxiety disorders, drug side effects, or many other possibilities.

Normal or not your condition should be known by checking yourself directly to the doctor or a specialist in internal medicine, yes. If your complaint is purely due to excessive consumption of garlic, often this condition is harmless and can be improved by limiting the consumption of garlic. However, if other triggers are suspected, your doctor can give you further treatment, including for example by directing you to undergo additional examinations, such as heart records, laboratories, X-rays, allergy tests, and so on.

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