Heart Palpitations When Anxiety And Stress?

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, I want to ask. Lately, if I have a lot of thoughts and are worried about my heart like I want to take it off, it’s like sudden. The time can be up to 3 seconds until 1 minute continues. Even though I am in good health. For example I met a lot of people they shouted and I spoke while feeling my heart going to come off and get sick … What are the symptoms? Thank you

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Hello. Thank you for the question on HealthReplies.com.

The condition of palpitations, choking, or feeling like fainting that often arises without cause can signal a psychiatric problem called panic disorder. This generally does not last long, and will disappear by itself. At certain times, attacks like this can reappear.

If the condition is caused by your fear of specific things, such as fear of heights, narrow spaces, fear in the crowd, etc., then this condition is called phobic disorders.

Meanwhile, if the complaint is caused by your fear of a traumatic event that occurred in the past, then medically the condition can indicate post-traumatic stress disorder.

The three possibilities above are psychiatric disorders. The condition of palpitations and tightness of the chest can also be caused by other conditions that lead to heart, lung, thyroid hormone problems, etc.

If the complaint that you submit arises frequently, or to the point of disturbing your mind and daily activities, then you should check your condition further with a psychiatrist to be able to know the exact cause and be managed appropriately. If the condition does not lead to a psychiatric condition, the doctor will refer to another doctor, for example an internal medicine specialist, for further tracking.

All you need to do to improve the condition and prevent deterioration is:

Avoid excessive anxiety. You can do relaxation when anxious. Tell also the problem that makes you anxious to the closest people you trust. Perhaps by telling you you can get a solution and calm. Regular exercise, both aerobic and relaxation types such as yoga or pilates. Inadequate consumption of at least 2 liters of water per day Consumption of food according to your nutritional needs Enough rest

That's all the explanation from me. May be useful

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