Heart Palpitations When Hearing News Of Grief?

Illustration of Heart Palpitations When Hearing News Of Grief?
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Good afternoon, I want to ask Before I want to tell you my father has cancer, and it makes me stressed so that I think my father will die and it makes me afraid, So that if someone brings news of grief, whoever dies, I’m always surprised and my heart is beating fast, but if I have tried to get rid of that thought my heart is back to normal, but I still feel anxious That’s why huh? Am I having a heart attack or panic attack? Thank you

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Hello Aniskha, thank you for the question.

Excessive fear or stress can cause an increase in neurotransmitters or substances released by nerve cells in the body, namely adrenaline and noradrenaline. This neurotransmitter will increase arousal and alertness. Adrenalin and noradrenalin will cause the heart to beat faster, blood vessels to narrow, blood pressure to rise so that it will make someone feel palpitations, sweating, cold hands and feet, and others. This is a physiological / normal condition of the body as a reaction from fear or stress. Apart from stress or excessive fear, heart palpitations can also be caused by psychological disorders, such as panic disorders, anxiety disorders, or due to certain medical conditions, such as disorders of the heart, thyroid gland, and others. If the complaint is felt to be very disturbing, you should consult a doctor. The doctor will do a direct examination and maybe also some supporting examinations if needed such as blood tests, ECG, x-rays, and others. To avoid excessive stress, you can do some relaxation processes at home to overcome and eliminate stress.

I hope this helps.

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