Heart Pounding When Angry Angry?

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Why is anger often associated with negative things? Isn’t it true that when angry, the heart beats faster so that blood flows more swiftly throughout the body?

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Anger is an emotional reaction that is common and normal for everyone. However, excessive anger is something that will have a negative impact on one's own health and on social relationships. Long-term anger is what can cause high blood pressure, heart problems, headaches, problems in the lungs and digestive tract, and a weakened immune system in the body.

When anger occurs, the nervous system triggers various biological reactions in the body, including the formation and release of the adrenal hormone in the body. This hormone has an effect on a heart rate and breathing that is faster than normal and increases sweat production. The hormone cortisol (stress hormone) in the body is also released when anger is occurring, this hormone can cause blood pressure to rise, pupils to become wider, and sometimes a sudden headache reaction occurs as a result of this increase in the cortisol hormone.

Anger that occurs too often and anger that is not resolved can cause diseases like the one above because of the result of these two hormones being released in excess. Therefore, emotional management is very important to prevent the body from the negative effects of the hormones andrenaline and cortisol which are released in excess. Some of the ways to manage emotions include:

When you feel like getting angry, calm yourself down by taking a deep breath and closing your eyes.
change your mindset from a perspective that makes you angry / disappointed to another one that makes you feel much better.
If you feel that you are inferior, and feel that other people are greater than you, then it is appropriate for you to change the focus on yourself to become a more confident you, by doing what you want, and increasing the abilities you have.
Avoid situations that make you feel uncomfortable and make you feel negative emotions.
Make communication with people around you comfortable, find someone who can support you whatever your situation, and give positive suggestions that are good for you, and do not judge yourself and your situation.
look for positive activities in your daily life that can make you happy, such as exercising by cycling, doing your hobbies, etc.

Try using a variety of ways to control your emotions for physical and mental health. If you feel that you are not getting better, and are still often angry after doing the things that we have said above, then you can consult a psychologist or a psychiatrist to check your health condition, so that your anger does not drag on.

That's the explanation from us, hopefully it will help.

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