Heart Pounding With A Feeling Of Floating?

Illustration of Heart Pounding With A Feeling Of Floating?
Illustration: Heart Pounding With A Feeling Of Floating? Bing

doctor, I’ve experienced excessive anxiety and excessive anxiety and a little bit about to pass out….rnIn last December 2017…rnI was taken to the clinicrnThe doctor examined me and said my pressure was 160/90 ..rnI was given the drug amlodipine…rnMy pressure returned to normal, but I started to experience where when I sit up and stand up my heart beats a little faster, then I feel floating all day if I don’t lie down,..r nI’ve had 2 EKGs but the doctor who checked said the results were fine…rnMy question is, what is my problem, doctor? thx

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Hi Goratharjoko. The condition you experience in general can be caused by:

1. orthostatic hypotension where there is a change in blood pressure, especially when a change in position is >/=20mmHg

2. hypotension is mainly related to the effects of drugs that lower your blood pressure excessively

3. hypoglycemia

4. iron deficiency anemia

5. Psychosomatic

Have you previously had high blood pressure? If you are anxious and restless, feel pain or are under stress, this will often increase your blood pressure. It is important to ensure that your blood pressure is indeed an abnormal one, and that regular check-ups with your doctor about the effects of treatment are important. What you can do is

1. Limit salt consumption, especially considering your history of hypertension.

2. Consume a balanced diet and increase the consumption of water

3. Manage stress and get enough rest

4. Avoid smoking and alcohol

5. Immediately rest or hold when dizziness begins to attack

Consult further with your doctor for more information. Hopefully helpful, and thank you. Regards, Dr Alyssa

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