Heartbeat Is Firmer In Pregnant Women.?

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Good night my wife is 33 years old, 2gn pregnant with a 4th child and there is an ovarian cyst 5cm to the left, previously pregnant there was no cyst. Now his heart is beating faster and making it limp, calculated manually 93 bpm. Is it normal heartbeat? Why is my wife often weak? Thank you before.

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Hello, good morning M. Ibnu ...

When a person has a pregnancy, it is normal if he experiences the body feels weak and easily tired, and the heart rate increases. The formation of the placenta (placenta) and also changes in hormonal levels can change the metabolism of pregnant women so that they tend to be more easily experiencing fatigue and weakness. During pregnancy, the body produces an additional 40% of blood to carry oxygen and nutrients to the unborn child. It is this addition of blood that increases heart rate 25% faster than normal. As such, what your wife experiences can be normal, right sir?

Apart from normal conditions, heart conditions that beat faster and complaints of weakness can also be caused by other things, such as:

anemia (red blood cell deficiency)
Janntung disorders
thyroid disease

To ensure this and anticipate the conditions above, we recommend that you check your wife to the obstetrician, yes. The doctor will ask questions about complaints, conduct physical examinations, and if needed the doctor will recommend supporting examinations such as blood lab tests (for example for examination of hemoglobin / hemoglobin), heart record, and so on.

Meanwhile, here are some tips to reduce feelings of weakness and increased heart rate in your wife:

drink enough water 8-10 glasses per day
avoid consuming coffee
eat foods high in iron such as red meat, spinach, broccoli, etc.
do relaxation, like taking a yoga class to get pregnant

Here are some HealthReplies.com articles that you can read to add information:

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That's all, hopefully it helps, sir ...

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