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why does the chest feel hot, especially at night, it has increased, it’s been 7 days, there are no other complaints, only the chest feels hot, already medical check cholesterol, gout, diabetes, blood pressure, everything is normal, even below normal for example blood pressure is 110 / 80, the stomach and gut does not hurt, the stomach when pressed does not hurt, according to the diagnosis of an internal medicine specialist I was exposed to reflux, given the drug omprezol 1X a day and sucralfate epis taken 3X before eating … even though I have not had an endoscopy, because I feel no need I don’t throw up anyway. My height is 169 cm with a weight of 52 KG, 38 years old, my question is how long the healing period for Reflux is generally, is there any effective medicine that will immediately heal to suppress stomach acid if I have excess stomach acid

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The right medicine for stomach acid

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