Heartburn Accompanied By Fever Up And Down And Nausea?

Illustration of Heartburn Accompanied By Fever Up And Down And Nausea?
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Good night .. I was sick for 6 days at first, high heat … nausea, nausea … after 5 days, the heat went down … but how many hours later it went up again and even he was very sick … The question is, is this normal or what? so that my weight dropped dramatically and my face was pale like a living corpse?

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Someone said to have a fever, when body temperature reaches or more than 38 degrees Celsius. In certain circumstances, body temperature can fluctuate up and down, and it can also be felt throughout the day. Some of the causes can be:

Typhus: an infectious disease, which is obtained through transmission from food and drinks consumed infected with salmonella bacteria. The patient will have a fever in the afternoon until the evening and go down in the morning. This complaint can occur for 7-14 days. Other complaints can include abdominal pain or heartburn, digestive disorders such as constipation or diarrhea, and feeling weak.

Dengue fever: often occurs during the change of seasons or in the rainy season, caused by Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes infected with dengue virus. Fever is felt high on days 2-7, and can last up to 10 days. The temperature can reach 40 degrees Celsius, then the body temperature can drop again, then rise again, other complaints can be in the form of pain in the entire body, weakness, headaches, red spots appear on the body.

Malaria: this can occur if as often as malaria endemic areas, this condition is also caused by mosquito bites, fever symptoms appear after 7-15 days after being bitten by anopheles mosquitoes that cause malaria. Perceived complaints can include shivering, feeling cold, fever up and down.

To better ensure that the fever condition goes up and down, you should check with your doctor directly, in order to get a thorough examination and if needed the doctor will conduct several investigations such as blood sampling to find out more precisely the cause of the fever felt. It is better to take heat-lowering drugs such as paracetamol to reduce fever, adequate rest, reduce excess activity, and eat nutritious foods. If the fever does not stop, there is bleeding in the gums, red spots appear on the body, weak until unable to do activities, you should check your condition to the doctor.

Thus my answer, hopefully it helps.

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