Heartburn After Taking Laxatives?

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I am 18th, last week I was diagnosed with hemorrhoids, then given a laxative for a week, now it’s almost a week, my stomach feels a little heartburn and it feels like to defecate but it doesn’t come out, it only comes out in the morning (I usually usually defecate in the morning), I try to reduce the dose of the drug (Hesroid Micronized Diosmin-Hesperidin 90:10) which was 2×1 to 1×1, is that okay? What action should I take? Because the control schedule is still 3 days and my stomach feels a little heartburn interfering with my activities, thank you

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Diosmin-Hesperidin is not a laxative. This drug is given to treat your hemorrhoids and works by reducing inflammation in blood vessels and also restore the normal function of veins (dilation of veins is the cause of the appearance of lumps in hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids). One of the side effects that can arise from the consumption of this drug is indeed a disruption in the digestive tract (abdominal pain or heartburn, nausea, diarrhea), other side effects that may occur are dizziness, headaches, rashes on the skin.

To get good treatment results, you should continue taking the drug according to your doctor's instructions. You can try to take medicine along with food to help reduce side effects. If indeed the side effects of the drug still interfere, you can consult directly with your doctor so that you can evaluate and replace medications that do not have any annoying side effects for you.

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