Heartburn, Chest Tightness, Stomach Acid Rising.

Illustration of Heartburn, Chest Tightness, Stomach Acid Rising.
Illustration: Heartburn, Chest Tightness, Stomach Acid Rising.

Hello doc. I am 25 years old, I want to ask doc, already 1 week more I feel tightness in the chest, heavy breathing, pain in the pit of the stomach, like there is a lump, the food I eat seems to prop up in the pit of the stomach, eat a little directly full, last check to the doctor he said stomach acid rises. And the medicine is gone and there is no change. The drug brand is ACITRAL and RANITIDINE HCWhat are the other brands of medicine that are more effective docs? And what foods should I avoid? Thanks in advance doc ..

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Hello Valkin, thank you for asking.

Based on the symptoms that you describe, it is likely to lead to gastric disorders. The form of the disorder can be gastritis (often known as stomach ulcers), peptic ulcers, or GERD (often known as lay stomach acid reflux, although the term is not appropriate). In GERD, gastric wall irritation and inflammation is chronic. Over time these conditions damage the valve that separates the stomach and esophagus (esophagus). This results in the contents of the stomach, including stomach acid that is acidic, can turn upward (reflux) toward the esophagus.

Acidic stomach sap will damage the surface of the esophagus and throat. Symptoms include burning / burning, being stabbed or feeling heavy, spreading from the solar plexus to the length of the chest and back. Pain can also spread to the shoulders or arms. The throat feels dry, painful, or blocked. Nausea, vomiting can occur often, when the stomach is empty or full. Shortness is also often felt.

The thing to note is, chronic diseases such as GERD or other stomach disorders, also require a long healing time. So, often in cases of chronic gastric disorders, one must routinely control and seek treatment for at least 2-3 months. During this time, the doctor will monitor the progress of the disease and adjust the type and dosage of the drug. The type of drug given to you is generally used as an initial treatment line. If there is no improvement, the doctor will change the type or increase the dose.

We cannot give a prescription without a physical examination. You can try to buy drugs that are sold freely and can be purchased without a prescription. Also improve your diet and lifestyle.

Avoid cigarettes, caffeine, soda, and alcohol.
Expand to eat vegetables and fruit.
Avoid oily foods.
Limit consumption of sour and spicy snacks.
Avoid processed foods that contain lots of preservatives or coloring.
Choose types of foods that are easily digested such as complex carbohydrates and protein.
Avoid foods that cause a lot of gas, such as cabbage or broccoli.
Eat small but often, for example half a plate 5-6 times.
Regular exercise 3-5 times a day for 30 minutes. Do sports at home during this PSBB.
Sleep 7-9 hours a night.
Look for certain medications or supplements that make symptoms worse.

Hopefully this information is quite helpful huh. Regards.

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