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Sorry, the doctor asked me, Mr. Ahmad, age 44, I often get a stomachache in the lower left side when the pain hurts, tell the back, waist, stomach acid often rises to the chest and throat … The chest sometimes feels hot until it aches in the area chest m back … throat often feels dry then pdhl dh much minimum … If you have an upset stomach not long bones in all pain until several days … guess what pain y? Does an acute stomach ulcer treat kidney how much is the treatment … ,, even lately at lunch time after working hard and continue to eat it is even more tired until the heartbeat feels x3 more than normal hbs the outer chest will feel pain in the heart diarrhea ,, thanks for the answer

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Hello Achmad, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com

Stomach pain is a complaint that is often encountered, the location of abdominal pain can also determine the cause of abdominal pain. Usually this pain is caused by digestive disorders or disorders of the urinary system or urinary tract.

The following can be a cause of abdominal pain on the left side:

Injury, for example due to direct blunt trauma in the form of a collision or blow

Gastritis or inflammation of the stomach, which can be caused by gastric acid refluxers is usually characterized by dyspepsia relief by feeling of discomfort in the solar plexus, but it can also be accompanied by complaints of nausea and vomiting
Intestinal infection or colitis

Appendix milk disease, inflammation or inflammation of the appendix usually or more often appear on the bottom line, but in some cases of pain that is felt can also spread to the left lower.

Urinary tract infections, urinary tract infections that can occur in kidney infections, urinary tract infections such as ureters, and infections in the bladder can also cause abdominal pain. And usually accompanied by fever, nausea and vomiting.
Kidney stones, usually causing complaints in the form of hip pain that arises. But there are also some oada can also be felt as abdominal pain that arises. And in some cases complaints were also encountered during urination
Hardened stools, hardened stools due to eating patterns that are tightly tightened and lacking fluids can also cause pain in the stomach. This hardened stool can clog the intestine.

Crohn's disease, or Crohn's disease, is a chronic inflammation of the intestine that can cause digestive complaints and abdominal pain that often goes away over a long period of time.

The number of organs in the abdominal cavity is a cause of very intestinal abdominal pain. To determine the cause it is necessary to conduct further interviews about the history of health and pain that you experience. For example, the characteristics of pain, sakala pain, is there any pain that moves, pain that disappears arise or pain that arises continuously. In addition, it also needs to be asked about other complaints that accompany. After that, a direct physical examination is also needed to determine the cause. The doctor will also recommend an examination in the form of an ultrasound examination of the abdomen or abdominal CT scan to help determine the cause of the abdominal pain.

Therefore otu if you experience abdominal pain with a fairly heavy intensity you should consult a doctor at the nearest health facility. For further examination and given appropriate treatment according to your condition.

Besides abdominal pain can also be caused by conditions that are quite serious such as appendicitis, or severe intestinal infections that risk of spreading the infection and cause complications require immediate treatment. Sehiangga should not delay the examination to the doctor.

For the time being, some things you can do to help relieve abdominal pain for example:

If pain arises, you can rest and lay down for a while
Compress with a warm towel on the painful abdomen
Consume more water, avoid drinking caffeinated, fizzy drinks, and preferably also avoid fatty, spicy, and sour foods
Eat small portions but with a more frequent frequency, do not delay eating

Check the condition immediately to the nearest emergency room if the complaint of pain arises feels very severe, accompanied by fever, nausea, vomiting, stomach that looks enlarged, stomach aches to the touch, abdominal pain in all parts, tightness or if left abdominal pain is felt after you have an accident , injury or pain in the chest. Because this condition can be a dangerous condition and requires immediate treatment.

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