Heavy Bleeding After Drug Use?

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I miscarried. After seeing a doctor and doing an ultrasound, the fetus is gone but the bag is still there and must be removed immediately. The doctor suggested curettage but I was afraid. Finally the doctor gave invitec and antibiotics. Then the doctor said if there is heavy bleeding, immediately come to the hospital. But I am confused about what a great bleeding is like? So if I experience heavy bleeding then dtng to the hospital and immediately performed a curette?

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Hello Cacamarica, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Severe bleeding that is intended by your doctor is that a lot of blood comes out (it can even be blood clots like jelly) coming out of the birth canal.

You are advised by your doctor to go to the hospital if you experience heavy bleeding (especially if it lasts a long time) to prevent the condition of excessive blood loss which can result in a far more dangerous condition and if expected to continue it could result in death.

Regarding whether if you experience a lot of bleeding after drug use will be cured or not, it all depends on your doctor's decision and also how your condition when the doctor performs the examination. If it is needed, of course the doctor will recommend it especially to stop the bleeding that occurs. If it is recommended, it is strongly recommended to do so because the risk of you rejecting a curette is greater than the risk when the curette is performed.

I hope this helps.

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