Heavy Menstruation And Lower Abdominal Pain?

Illustration of Heavy Menstruation And Lower Abdominal Pain?
Illustration: Heavy Menstruation And Lower Abdominal Pain? Bing

My name is Ani, I am a mother of 2 children. Kmrn I have menstruation for 10 days and menstruation is so heavy that every 3 hours I have to change pads, I have consulted a spog doctor and had an ultrasound, he said my hormones were not good. And I was prescribed medicine to stop the menstrual bleeding. And indeed after a day of stopping, but now my lower stomach hurts, my question is whether my uterus is infected or why. Thanks for the answer.

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Hi Ani,

The normal amount of menstruation in 1 menstrual cycle is about 30-40 ml with menstrual periods lasting about 2-7 days. The presence of excessive menstruation both in terms of number and duration of menstrual periods can be caused by several possibilities including:

Physical body that is too tired Stress History of using hormonal birth control (KB pills, injectable contraceptives or IUD) especially for a long time Hormonal disorders such as thyroid hormone disorders Presence of cysts on the ovaries Malignancy of the brain or ovaries

Abdominal pain experienced can be related to disturbances that are occurring in your menstruation such as cysts or pelvic inflammation, but lower abdominal pain can also be caused by disorders of the digestive tract such as intestinal inflammation or can be caused by a UTI.

If you have done a previous examination with an obstetrician, then follow the recommended treatment from the doctor well and you can also check with the doctor if after treatment there are still no changes so that an evaluation of the condition you are experiencing can be considered so that alternative therapies can be considered based on examination evaluation results.

Meanwhile, you can compress a painful stomach by using warm water or by taking paracetamol to relieve pain. Avoid triggers of stress and get enough rest. Eat a nutritionally balanced diet and do regular exercise. Avoid exposure to cigarette smoke and consuming alcoholic beverages.

I hope this information is helpful.


dr. Irvandi

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